Project TitleGrapple
Release StatusBeta
Current Version0.9.4
CVSNot Available
BugtrackerLogin and password: grapple
Grapple is designed to be a simple network layer, allowing the addition of multiplayer features to a game for as little as a dozen lines of code. However it is also fully featured, so if you want more from your networking, you can have it.

Basic Features
Simple client-server networking
Keeps all clients aware of all other clients
Passworded servers
Data transfer via TCP, UDP, or reliable UDP

Advanced Features
Network messenging by either a push or a pull model, or a mixture of both
Multiple methods of querying users
User Groups for client bandwidth saving
Network load reacting data transmission and retransmission
Background pinging to monitor network states
Server failover
A fully functional lobby system
NAT traversal using STUN

Online Documentation
README - Basic usage guide
README.lobby - Lobby usage guide
README.advanced - Advanced features guide
README.nattrav - NAT Traversal usage guide
UPDATES - Version information